(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
v. t. incise, carve, dissect, slice, shave, trim, shape; separate, divide, split, sever; abridge, shorten, diminish, reduce, curtail; hurt, sting, wound, snub, ignore; reap, gather. See disjunction, shortness, weakness, neglect, discourtesy, pain. — n. style, manner; woodcut (see engraving).See form.
(Roget's IV) modif.
1. [Formed by cutting]
Syn. carved, chiseled, sculptured, sliced; see carved , formed .
2. [Reduced]
Syn. lowered, marked down, diluted; see impure 1 , reduced 2 , watered 2 .
3. [Severed]
Syn. split, divided, sliced through, detached; see separated .
4. [Slashed]
Syn. slit, scored, gashed, scratched; see carved , hurt , wounded .
5. [Abridged]
Syn. shortened, abbreviated, truncated, edited; see reduced 1 .
1. [The using of a sharp instrument]
Syn. slash, thrust, dig, prick, gouge, knifing, penetrating, dividing, cleaving, incising, separation, severance, hewing, felling, quarter, intersecting, slitting, hack, slice, carve, chop, stroke; see also division 1 .
2. [The path left by a sharp instrument]
Syn. slash, prick, incision, wound, cleavage, penetration, gash, cleft, mark, nick, notch, opening, passage, channel, groove, kerf, furrow, intersection, slit, fissure; see also hole 1 , injury 1 .
3. [A reduction]
Syn. decrease, diminution, lessening; see reduction 1 .
4. [Shape]
Syn. fashion, style, construction; see form 1 .
5. [An illustration]
Syn. printed picture, engraving, plate; see illustration 2 , picture 3 .
6. [A section]
Syn. segment, slice, portion; see part 1 , piece 1 , share .
7. [A piece of butchered meat]
Syn. piece, slice, chunk; see meat .
8. [*An insult]
Syn. offense, affront, snub; see insult , neglect 1 .
a cut above*,
Syn. somewhat better, superior, higher, more capable; see better 1 , 2 , superior .
1. [To sever]
Syn. separate, slice, slice through, cleave, fell, hew, chop down, mow, prune, reap, scythe, sickle, shear, trim, dice, chop, slit, split, rive, sunder, cut apart, cut asunder, rip, saw through, chisel, cut away, cut through, cut off, lop off, snip, sliver, chip, quarter, clip, truncate, behead, saber, scissor, facet, flitch, bite, shave, pare, skive, divide, bisect, amputate, carve, hack; see also divide 1 , trim 1 .
2. [To cut into]
Syn. gash, incise, slash, slice, carve, notch, nick, indent, score, carve into, mark, scratch, furrow, rake, wound, mar, scotch, gouge, scarify, lacerate; see also carve 1 , mangle 1 .
3. [To penetrate]
Syn. pierce, perforate, puncture; see penetrate 1 .
4. [To cross]
Syn. intersect, divide, pass through, move across; see cross 1 , divide 1 .
5. [To shorten]
Syn. curtail, abridge, condense, delete; see cancel 1 , decrease 2 .
6. [To reduce]
Syn. lower, diminish, lessen; see decrease 2 .
7. [To hit sharply]
Syn. strike, hew, chop, whack; see hit 1 .
8. [To castrate]
Syn. alter, geld, emasculate; see castrate .
9. [*To ignore deliberately]
Syn. snub, slight, disregard; see neglect 1 .
10. [*To absent oneself]
Syn. shirk, evade, stay away, play truant, play hooky, be absent without leave, be AWOL, sneak out, skip*, duck*; see also leave 1 .
11. [To record electronically]
Syn. make a record, make a recording, tape; see record 3 .
12. [To weaken]
Syn. dilute, impair, undermine, dissolve; see adulterate , weaken 2 .
13. [To shape]
Syn. fashion, cast, make; see form 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. incision gash, laceration, slash, slit, nick, tear, slice, wound, opening, kerf.
2. reduction decrease, diminution, cutback, decrement, excision, lowering.
3. share percentage, *piece of the pie, slice, allowance, allotment, quota, kickback.
3. insult *put-down, offense, *dig.
1. incise gash, lacerate, slash, slit, nick, tear, slice, wound, open, sever, carve, split, shear, rip, hack, dice, section, lay open, lance, pierce, scotch.
2. cut down or trim fell, crop, mow, lop off, truncate, harvest, prune, clip, chop.
3. reduce decrease, diminish, cut back, downsize, excise, lower, lessen, crop, pare, trim, shave.
4. insult slight, snub, affront, spurn, *give the cold shoulder, shun.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I verb 1. To penetrate with a sharp edge: gash, incise, pierce, slash, slit. See ENTER, HELP. 2. To separate into parts with or as if with a sharp-edged instrument: carve, cleave1, dissever, sever, slice, slit, split. See ASSEMBLE. 3. To bring down, as with a saw or ax. Also used with down: chop down, fell1, hew. See RISE. 4. To turn aside sharply from a straight course: chop2, sheer1, skew, slue1, swerve, veer. Nautical: yaw. See CHANGE. 5. To decrease, as in length or amount, by or as if by severing or excising: chop1, clip1, crop, cut back, cut down, lop1, lower2, pare, prune, shear, slash, trim, truncate. See INCREASE. 6. To lessen the strength of by or as if by admixture: attenuate, dilute, thin, water (down), weaken. See STRONG. 7. To slight (someone) deliberately: rebuff, shun, snub, spurn. Informal: coldshoulder. Idioms: close (or shut) the door on, give someone the cold shoulder, give someone the go-by, turn one's back on. See ACCEPT. 8. To fail to attend on purpose: truant. Informal: skip. Idioms: go AWOL, play hooky (or truant). See SEEK. II noun 1. The result of cutting: gash, incision, slash, slice, slit, split. See ENTER, HELP. 2. A part severed from a whole: piece, portion, section, segment, slice. See PART. 3. The act or process of decreasing: abatement, curtailment, cutback, decrease, decrement, diminishment, diminution, drain, reduction, slash, slowdown, taper. See INCREASE. 4. Informal. That which is allotted: allocation, allotment, allowance, dole, lot, measure, part, portion, quantum, quota, ration, share, split. Slang: divvy. See COLLECT. 5. A deliberate slight: rebuff, snub, spurn. Informal: cold shoulder, go-by. See ACCEPT. 6. An unexcused absence: truancy, truantry. Informal: hooky. See SEEK.

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